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Waa2.com is an international vertical search engine that collects and lists number of ads from different websites related to real estate and cars on a single website. Our head office is based in Dover USA and our search engine was established in 2013. Our dedicated staff serves our partners in an effective way. Currently, we are active in 19 countries and looking forward to extending our network.

How does Waa2 work?

Our search algorithms provide quality traffic to partners' landing pages. Sometimes classified websites have difficulties to have new qualified users for their portal, so we help them to achieve these goals. We distribute the valuable content of our partners in the most efficient way.
Waa2 is a vertical search engine so we don’t edit the content of our partners. We just index them the way they want and provide quality traffic flow. But on the other hand if a partners needs help we can give SEO suggestions on how they can showcase their content to gain more visibility.

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Waa2 strives to deliver the tools and support that helps companies grow with unparalleled success.

Gokhan Aygun
Ibraim Veliiev
Chief of Marketing Department
Liuman Seit-Mametov
Software Developer
Zul Qarnain Abdullah
Country Manager

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