Privacy Policy

Herein privacy policy, in scope of the services, delivered by Waa2 Search, LLC (Waa2) - which is located in 8 The Green Suite #5111 Dover, DE, 19901, United States; how the information requred from users, visitors or members, is used and stored and also the codes of practice is fully described in detail.

Welcome to Waa2 family;

This declaration contains explanations about policies of managing mentioned user informations. We want to remind that you have accepted and commited the practices described in privacy policy when you visit site and/or become a member of Waa2.



Information delivered by you:

While using site, you are delivering personal informations such as name, gender, e-mail address, personal liking, company/product preferences to Waa2 by signing with other social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc) and enrolling bulletings.

Your personal informations described above, are used for contacting to you in order to deliver the best services, to update personal informations, to manage your membership and to advise interesting company/products to you through monthly bulletins and/or fashion alarms created by you.

Communications by E-mail:

Through being a member of the Waa2 site, since then you fill and submit the form, as long as
opposite is requested by you, you can make use of bulletins with your e-mail address.

Whenever you do not want to deliver bulletin, you can contact us and request unsubscribe or click "unsubscribe - I don't want to receive bulletin" link in the bulletins' bottom of the page.

In addition to periodically bulletins, sophisticated e-mails are sent to you in important days.

You are deemed to have accepted that your e-mail is correct when you read this declaration.

Contact Information and Demografic Information

Your contact information can be used in order to contact you if appropriate in the scope of our service. Contact information you transmited to us, is never shared to 3rd parties as long as legally considered necessary. Waa2 always reserves the right of sharing your personal information if requested by official authorities which are responsible public security.

Your demographic information is used for determining your interests and run the algorithms that helps us to deliver you better services based upon these informations. Excluding exceptions, these informations are not examined by human.



In Waa2, as a part of the services, there may be other sites' links. Waa2 doesn't have any responsibilities about privacy policies, contents and 3rd party's privacy policies of these internet sites.


Therefore our work and service area are in constant change and growing; privacy policy can be changed over time. In order to see the latest changes, you have to visit our site frequently and read this page. Unless otherwise stated, privacy policy in force is valid for your membership and personal information.

Apart from the explanations below, you can contact us by our contact information about any questions you may want to ask us.